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UP Restaurant and Bar in Newberry, MI
About Us
Welcome to Joshua James Bar and Grill located in the heart of Michigan's Upper PeninsulaJosh Schmuckal and Angel Bodi have been enjoying life here in the beautiful Upper Peninsula for over 3 decades and began their new UP Restaurant and Bar venture in 2010. Angel was inspired with her experience in the hospitality industry and had always wanted to own a restaurant and bar.  Because of her passion, she is present everyday.  She not only manages the business, she also cooks and serves.

Josh was a world class kick boxer and has received many medals throughout his career.  He also enjoys hunting, fishing, canoeing, camping, along with the many other great outdoor things to do in the Upper Peninsula.

Angel enjoys gardening, cooking, along with making her 
UP Restaurant and Bar cozy and clean.  She also looks forward to welcoming her customers old and new to Joshua James.

"Michigan's Upper Peninsula has been named one of the top 10 value destinations in the world.  With attractions to rival national treasures, Michigan's Upper Peninsula is an area of stunning natural beauty and charming Norman Rockwell-esque towns and villages.—Lonely Planet Travel Guidebook, "Best in Travel 2017"